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Here’s what some of our Private Trading Room Members have to say:

“I have been trading for six years, and I have been trading futures for four years. I have taken many courses, experienced many trading rooms, tried many systems and read many books. I have never been consistently profitable, but haven’t given up because I am a musician and I know how long it took me to learn my instrument, as well how long it took me to understanding the musical system. Stocks, Options and Futures are instruments, and the market is a system. Every trader needs a good system in order to trade, and the correct attitude in order to execute that system. Today I began live trading in the JBaker Analytics Trading Room.  I had the most profitable and most stress-free day I have ever experienced in the market! I know that if I stay with JBaker Analytics, I will become the master trader that I want to be, while I am making money in my trading business. This is the place to learn how to trade if you want to become a successful trader in short order. These mentors understand the market, have a winning system, and a totally professional attitude towards trading that system. They are also excellent teachers. They care about their students and are willing to devote the time and attention that we need in order for us to become successful. I have been a music professor for over 20 years, and I know great education when I see it.”

– Barbara L

“I have been trained by dozens of instructors in my profession of over 25 years. In that time I have never experienced a set of trainers/coaches like those at JBA. The founders, not paid instructors, are the actual moderators in the live room. They have shared the real secrets that have actually made them successful. They always keep me on the right side of the market…protecting me…from me. They identify the most important proprietary levels prior to the market open. Had I solely known about these key levels I would have avoided years of losses and unrealized profits. Instead of getting stopped out on trades…I am getting risk free over 85% of the time. Instead of getting out of trades too early…I am maximizing profits on each trade. The most telling fact about JBA is that you are not going to hear new methods each day…the JBA set-ups work all day…every day. It may be a bit monotonous…but that is the way I like it. JBA is for real…I trade with them every day…and I look forward to chatting with you live in the room.”

– Jules L

“The JBaker Analytics trading program is the best program that I have ever had the pleasure to be affiliated with. The instructors are best traders that I have ever seen. I have been with several other programs. The JBA program is the first program that the instructors take a personal interest in me succeeding as a trader. Their method is very sound and they demonstrate it in the live trading room every day. If being a consistent winning trader is your goal, then this the place.”

– Kerk LeBlanc

“I have been meaning to write you for some time now with respect to my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your mentorship and support in effectively understanding the tenants of price and market structure to earn a living trading any market. You and JBA have more than shown me that you really do care that I learn how to trade, know when to trade and be patient for an entry on the right side of the market. I have spent several thousands of dollars investing in “guru” mentors who are considered “Stock market wizards”. It is without a doubt that I can honestly tell you or anyone wanting to know, that the value of JBA in terms of improving my effectiveness as a trader, is the single most important factor to my success as a professional trader. I only wish I had known about JBA a long time ago. If so, my Ph.D. in losses would have surely been pared down to a mere diploma, my learning curve dramatically shortened and lastly, the expense of education trimmed by more than I care to admit.”

– T. Bennett –Columbus, OH

“I have been following Joe since 2008. I had my own methods but it was based on stock trading and that really is not the same as trading the futures. The moderators of the room are by far the best traders I have ever met. In less than a year, they have reprogrammed me to think the way a professional money manager thinks. They have also given me a skill set that I can keep for life.”

– Marc B., Florida

As one with no previous trading experience I consider myself very fortunate to have been directed to JBaker Analytics.  Their expertise, dedication to their members’ success, and work ethic have created confidence and belief in their tutorship and my trading progress.

-Ron M.

“I learned more in three months with JBA than I did in four *years* with another trading educator. But maybe that’s not fair to my previous educator… To be fair, my previous educator’s core strategy is sound, but many of those students find that they lose as much as they gain. It wasn’t until I started working with JBA that I began to understand WHY that outcome is so common. By integrating JBA’s core strategy with all of my previous study, I found the missing link. That missing link is *the key* to better trading, no matter what system you are currently trading.”

-Andrew C.

Good Morning Joe and Moe,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how valuable I think your trading room and methodology has been for me. I have known of Opening Range for awhile but never knew its importance until you opened that up for me.  I can now see how that comes into play with your very clear explanations and illustrations during the trading day in the trading room.  I am a convert and have the Opening range high, low and average on all my charts now and it has been a clear help for me in improving my trading results.

I also want to thank you for so clearly showing the importance of the Fulcrum to me.  That overall directional indicator has also been most helpful to me in establishing which side of the trade to be on as the overall trend has changed.  Moe has made is so clear about how there is choppiness while price hovers around that level until it make a final break in the direction the market decides.

Perhaps the most intriguing concept is the “bucket” trades in which the small trader is clearly trading against the institutional trader and the Volume Oscillator and the OBV indicator you have devised shows that so very clearly.  It is a trading principle I have heard about but never knew how to gain insight into this as clearly as it is demonstrated by these two indicators and how Moe daily explains how to trade that so clearly.

Overall, I appreciate your daily pre-market levels and your insights on the morning market, Joe.  You tell it like it is, clearly and like a coach at my elbow.  Moe, you are incredible with your clear and patient afternoon review of the morning trading and how you go over in very specific detail on the trading methodology in the trading room.  Thank you both for adding immeasurably to my trading knowledge and for opening up a whole new approach to trading the ES.  While I like your teaching of the ES, I realize that I can use the same methodology in other instruments I like to trade like TF.

To me, you are a dynamic duo. I have learned so much from both of you. Thank you.

– Jim Giegerich

I’ve been trading for the past 3 years with little to no success. To put it quite frankly I had begun to think trading was a gift to those who were extremely lucky at picking the right side to trade on. I had to stop trading for the rest of the year because my trade plan would not allow me to fund my account again until 2015. That’s when I met J.Baker Analytics. I signed up for a 7day free trial in their trading room and Wow in just those 7 days I learned enough to understand where I was going wrong in my trading. Now it took me longer than 7 days to learn price action and structure but when I did I was off to the race.   These guys are outstanding with teaching you Market Structure and price action. The most valuable lesson I learned over the past 3 months is to understand how to find where traders disagree and chose the right side.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Joe and Moe for Saving my financial career. In the words of my new coach Joe Baker, “If you can’t find the Fulcrum, the market is waiting to clean your clock”. I’m a professional Pilot and there’s an old saying that I’ve picked along the way “amateur train until they get it right, but professionals train until they can’t get it wrong”. These guys at J.Baker analytics are the best I’ve seen on the market.

– James Mack

J.BAKER Analytics turned me from a losing trader into a winning trader. It’s just that simple. The not so simple thing is that I had to let all of my other training go and adopt their methods. This is much easier said than done. But once I started following the simple methods they taught me, the world changed for me.

In the daily live trading room, it’s remarkable to hear them tell you what the market will do under different circumstances. They show you their trade set-ups, tell you what to look for and discuss when and where to enter trades and when you should be looking to exit. The day starts out with areas of price that we should see the market react from. These are called Supply & Demand Zones, Target Levels, Static Levels, as well as Midpoint & Fulcrum. They further show you how price will react at certain times of the day. This won’t seem logical at first, but it’s amazing how time really does play a huge part in the market. Market structure is another big discussion point. And while the trainers at J.BAKER Analytics rely heavily on price action, they use their proprietary indicators to further confirm the trade set-ups.

I wish it were as easy as saying “These guys are great. You should check them out”. But the truth is that there are so many extraordinary tools and lessons they give you, I hate to miss any of them.

I’d like to thank J.BAKER Analytics for everything.


I traded for a few years, losing week after week at first.  From experience, my losses became more limited, but the market made no sense and I really possessed no strategy in my trading.  The worst part of the trading day for me was the first hour– so I pretty much gave up trading the “open” .  Then I joined the J Baker Analytics trade room, where I have been for 5 months.  Thanks to Joe and Moe, I now understand  what makes the market move, and the “open” is the most profitable part of my trading day.  I am truly grateful for all the useful information that I have learned in the room.  Success in trading  takes time and  effort, but I am not sure that any amount of trading on my own would have taught me what I learned in the room.  I now make regular profits.

– B.B., Coeur d’Alene, ID

I’ve been trading the Futures market for a number of years without a defined trading plan. I consider myself a technical trader watching all those indicators and waiting for confirmation before I entered a trade. Even though I entered some very good trades, the thing that killed me were the unexpected market moves, so I asked myself why did those things happen?

With J.Baker Analytics I can see where these surprises are most likely to occur. J.Baker Analytics teaches ” Market Structure” and with the use of their software and trading room,  you can enter a trade without emotion.

Although there are basic trade setups everyday I am consistently having those “ah moments”. Joe and his staff (Moe in particular) have influenced my trading in a positive way. My recommendation is to take the free trial and sim trade until you understand the setups.

– Joe C.


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