Hey, guys, Joe Baker. Long time since I’ve done a YouTube video. Glad to be back. What we’re going to be doing is a video series on all our setups. Trademark setups are as follows: Open Range rotation. That’s the guidelines that you’re seeing here. That’s the fast one in the morning. That goes till about 11:00, 11:30 or so. Kind of sets the whole stage for the day.

And then thereafter and inside the Open Range rotations, you can get loser buckets, which is another one of our trademark setups. You can do AJs, discounts, premiums, and compressions. Those are our, again, trademark setups. And we will be doing videos showing those, and many, many, many samples.

So, again, glad to be back with you. We’ve been trading all along this time, still running our live¬†futures trading room each and every day. Love to have you. Know that there’s a live futures trading room free trial for anybody that likes to come and join us. Love to have you. We won’t bother you. You can come in, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Open Range Guidelines is what I’m going to go through now. Again, I’ve only got, what is it, like 10 minutes, so I’m going to go fairly quickly. Open Range Guidelines are five minute high, five minute low, five minute average. Always know the market edges. Prior days high, low, close.

Okay. The market will push from 9:36 in the morning Eastern Time, because I’m on the east coast. It will run until 9:42 to 9:45, should pivot there. Now, here’s the nuances as they come in. Does the market make an SOS or an SOW? That is a sign of strength or a sign of weakness. That’s what tells you whether or not the market is ready to expand on its move or contract back in from the prior day levels.

So, again, always watching that. And again, we do this every single day. So, again, you want to watch those time frames, 9:36, 9:42. Watch for signs of strength, signs of weakness on that move. Hint: watch your five minute average. That’s the average between the first five high and the five low. Split the difference. There’s your average.

All right. You can sell from the five minute average with a sign of weakness, or buy from the five minute average with a sign of strength. Very simple. Not much more than that. Stops go above five minute high or five minute low. Not much more than a few ticks. Again, once you start taking those areas out, the market will tend to move and continue in that direction.

The next pivot area is 9:55 to 9:57. Market will try to push higher during that time frame. Go back and test this, guys. It is amazing. Always happens. Every single day. Market will push higher for the TZ2 Trade Zone. That’s TZ2. We call it Trade Zone 2. Watch for new high to be made. If no new high? If they can’t push them up, guys, they will push them down.

Then the market will make another attempt between 10:08 and 10:12. Market will move in that direction until roughly 10:30. Now, does this happen every day? The answer; yes. I’ll repeat that. Does this happen every day? The answer is yes.

Okay, so I’m going to show you some examples here. This is a TZ2 setup. Coming in, coming down. 9:36. 9:42 to 9:45, comes back up. Works itself back up. That tan line right there, this dotted tan line is your five minute average. And that’s the level the market likes to trade around. So, again, as you’re looking at the TZ2, as you’re looking at those time frames that I just showed you, this setup is perfect.

Here is another one. Coming in again, here’s that same push/pull time zone coming down at 9:36. Comes down to the 9:42 to the 9:45. Back up to the five minute average. Again, no new swing high, no sign of strength, so back down again, and so forth and so on, right around to the 10:30 time frame again and then back up towards that five minute average, and then back down again. So, again, in using market edges, as I had stated in the guidelines, always watch those for target zones.

Here is, again, push/pull time zone, five minute average, down to the 9:45 time zone, back up against the five minute average. Again, no new sign of strength. And back down to 10:30 again. Guys, I’ve got so many of these slides; this just happens every single day. It’s amazing to me that nobody catches on this.

Here it is again. 9:36 to 9:42, to 9:45. It’s that little three-minute area there. Pulls back up to where? Oh yeah, five minute average again. Comes back down again. No new swing highs, no signs of strength, so goes down until 10:30 again. Are you getting the picture?

Okay, so here’s another one. 9:36 to 9:42. Back against this five minute average again. Down again. Here’s that 9:55 to 9:57. Makes a swing. Can it take it out? No. Back down again. Comes up towards TZ2. Swings up to…it says “What’s that level he said?” That’s right, five minute average, TZ2, making that swing during the 10:08 to 10:12 time frame.

Guys, again, all in all, this is the most easiest way to trade. You just have to know the nuances and the key levels and zones and so forth, which we go over every single morning pre-market. This is a very, very simple process. It’s beyond me that traders get caught on the wrong side of this constantly.

Here it is again. 9:36 to 9:42 goes back down to five minute average. Now, you can’t see it on the left side of the screen, but we did make a sign of strength. We did make a new swing. So, again, you want to be buying that five minute average. Remember, buying that stop underneath and then heading up, again, towards the target, and back down again to where? That’s right, that five minute average again.

Okay, so here’s another one coming off that 9:36 to 9:45 level. Again, heading back up again, coming up against the five minute low this time. Okay. Heading back down again, making that move between 10:08 and 10:12. Trying to pull it back up again. Okay. No new swing highs down through here.

That’s why we took a [inaudible 00:08:04]. Again down through here, and then just coming off the target. Again, the target here was the 1407s coming back up to the 12s and then back down to work itself. But again, as you see, this is exactly the same guidelines following through. Okay.

Here’s another one. Here’s your 9:36 bar. Look at that. Right on the minute. Down. Right to where? 9:42 to 9:45. Back up against where? Oh, yeah, five minute average again. No SOS, which is no sign of strength. TZ2 failure. So what do you do? You head down to about 10:30 or so.

Again, guys, this is simple, simple, simple, simple, simple. Okay. Many of you may not believe it, but I challenge you to come in and watch us do it each and every day. We won’t call you. We won’t hound you. Just come on in. Sign up for a free trial. Check it out. Hold my feet to the fire, as they say.

Here it is again. Pushing up through the 9:36 time zone, heading upward towards 9:45. Pulls back to where? That’s right. Five minute average. And then takes off. Yes, we have a TZ2 positive with signs of strength, so you go long by against the five minute average and your stop goes underneath. And ride it up till when? About the 10:30 time zone. And there you are, 56s from 50s. Nice move. Very clean. No heat. Excellent way to start the day. Okay, guys.

Again, we do offer a free trial offer. Again, if you want to hold our feet to the fire, see if this is actually true or not, come on in and love to have you!

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