The Owner and Trainer


Joe Baker

Founder of J.Baker Analytics, business entrepreneur for past twenty-two years in Real Estate & Financial Industry. Self-taught trader and Financial Software developer, member of Market Technicians Association, working on CMT designation.

Our Methodology

As the price structure of the market unfolds, we identify support and resistance zones – key price levels – where trend or counter trend trades can be executed.  These price levels are one of the key components to our trading methods.  Once the key levels are defined, and price reaches those levels, we look for confluence of indicators to trigger a trade entry.

Each morning pre-market open, we highlight key levels that starts to build a framework for support and resistance for the current day.  As the day progresses, dynamic support and resistance are displayed in the room, along with some of the key JBA custom indicators.  Joe Baker moderates the Open Range, and Moe Nault takes the traders through the afternoon session the price action, is explained as it develops in real time, to review trade setups, entry triggers, stop-loss levels, and projected profit targets, immediately during and after they occur, and to answer specific questions.

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